District 201W1, Western Australia, Australia


Lions is a community service organisation! People join Lions because they want to use their intellect, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to get things done.

Our club projects are many and varied but one of our current major projects is our Computer Restoration Project. We are donated computers from Business, Education and Government as well as private donors and we sanitise them to eliminate the possibility of any data being collected from them. We install an operating system, programs and make the higher specification ones available to our local seniors and pensioners at a very low cost. The remainder are prepared and exported to deserving orphanages, schools and education organisations in overseas countries. All rejects are completely recycled down to their component parts for scrap to protect them from land fill disposal.

 Below is a short video describing this project


This video was produced by Lion Joachim Albrecht. A visiting Lion from Germany - Thanks Joey

Our Lions Club would like to recognise and thank the non Lion volunteers who turn up regularly for duty every Wednesday: ( in alphabetical order ) Alan Mason, Dave Colemon. David Vaughan, Davey Mudie, Ian Weber, Ronn Selby and Vern Watson - Thanks guy's we appreciate it so much

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